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Driven Data provides unique solutions for automotive dealerships that struggle with the overbearing tasks of creating manual reports, report consolidation, analysis, and planning.  We integrate with the most important data in your dealership(s) and securely store it in our data warehouse in the cloud.  It doesn’t matter how many dealerships you have or even if they have different software providers.  Here is a summary of our integrations:

 CRM: We integrate with your lead and appointment data, we work with just about every provider (Vinsolutions, Eleads, DealerPeak, Pro Max, CRM Suite, Higher Gear).  Nothing is Manual!
 Inventory: Historical and current inventory is sync’d, we also update multiple times per day with vAuto.
 DMS: Sales and Service records with both historical and daily files, we are a  DealerVault premier partner and CDK Certified
 Digital: You grant us permissions to platforms like Facebook and Google and we connect to their APIs
 Google Analytics: Add us to your web properties and we take care of the rest
 Custom Audiences: Your data + our machine learning predictions pushed directly into your Facebook Ad Account

All your dealership data
in one dashboard

Driven Data provides the luxury of having all of your key dealership metrics consolidated into one dashboard. Watch the video and see how we are transforming the auto industry with an all-in-one business intelligence solution.

Have access to your
up-to-date data at all times

Watch our series of videos as Mick Austin, President of Motor Werks, discusses the impact the Driven Data dashboard has made for his auto-group. In this series you will experience how our dashboard ultimately impacts the bottom line of your dealership or dealership group. From efficiency to forecasting your sales, the impact is great!

Check out all of our videos for more:

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Reasons to get On Board

 Stop Administrative Reporting: Shift your focus from time-consuming administrative tasks to cost-effective decision making
 Automate Everything: Analytics dashboards are generated automatically and in one place
 Get Strategic: Become a strategic decision maker rather than a data collector
 Increase Awareness: Expand your organization’s knowledge of KPIs and understand the types of decisions that affect those metrics
 Add Efficiency: Increase the operational efficiency of your team by letting them focus on making decisions that matter most

Empower your team to do more

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By moving all of your dealership data to the cloud we remove the barriers between your providers.  You don’t have to worry if one provider integrates with another to monitor a process anymore.  Here are a few cool examples of what we can do with this:

 Transactional Discount: We  measure the difference between the last online price and the sold price as a percentage.
 Leads and Appointments on Inventory: See how many active and total leads as well as upcoming appointments on each vehicle
 Website Metrics: Regardless of your providers we can show you every stat on one screen even rolled up to a total or average.
 Diagnostics: a troubleshooting tool for dealerships.  If you fall off pace from either by 10% we send an email alert breaking down the causes

We will never sell you a marketing product…because we will never build one.  We believe in order to truly be unbiased we must refrain from ever self-reporting.  You can be assured we are here to serve your organization with accurate, unfiltered, not to mention trust-worthy data!  Here are a few other key points:

 Focus: Unfortunately at most automotive companies reporting tends to be an after-thought, at Driven Data it’s our only thought.  We obsess on how to create new value and integrate with more data.
 Speed: Ever wait for a report to load? Not anymore, our application is constantly updating behind the scenes so your data is ready when you want it.
 Integrations: We integrate with partner companies in a number of ways from secure ftp, API, scheduled email.  We are pretty crafty and accept all challenges!
 Best Practices: Our team is stacked with industry reporting experts.  Our dealer partners have also contributed countless ideas and variations that have led us to this point. On day 1 after your on-boarding you and your team will see the metrics the top dealership operators in the country use every day.  We also help you understand what everything means for your stores.

Our team is on the edge of what is possible in automotive analytics today. We haven’t found another company that combines more data across as many providers in one architecture. Here are some of the ways we are innovating

 Forecasting: Our sales forecasting algorithm uses 5 different models and determines the correct one for the individual dealership.  It is not uncommon for it to exactly predict the monthly outcome.  Overall it is within 3.2% of actual across all dealers this year
 Universal Bench-marking: With data being standardized across all providers we can measure metrics across all dealerships.  We have over 30 metrics that show you how you compare to the top 10% of Driven Data dealerships
 Operations Code Categories: We use machine learning to read through every operation code description and categorize your service repair order operation codes into their correct category.  We automate what has been ignored previously.