Automotive Reporting Dashboard

Driven Data provides unique solutions for automotive dealerships that struggle with the overbearing tasks of creating manual reports, report consolidation, analysis, and planning. We do all the grunt work to deliver all of your most important metrics in a concise, yet comprehensive  dashboard. Do you have questions about how we can transform your dealership into a smarter and more efficient business?

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All your dealership data
in one dashboard

Driven Data provides the luxury of having all of your key dealership metrics consolidated into one dashboard. Watch the video and see how we are transforming the auto industry with an all-in-one business intelligence solution.

Have access to your
up-to-date data at all times

Watch our series of videos as Mick Austin, President of Motor Werks, discusses the impact the Driven Data dashboard has made for his auto-group. In this series you will experience how our dashboard ultimately impacts the bottom line of your dealership or dealership group. From efficiency to forecasting your sales, the impact is great!

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  • Shift your focus from time-consuming administrative tasks to cost-effective decision making!
  • Analytics dashboards are generated automatically and in one place
  • Become a strategic decision maker rather than a data collector
  • Expand your knowledge of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and understand the types of decisions that affect those KPIs
  • Increase the operational efficiency of your team by letting them focus on making decisions that matter

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