Weekly scoring

Scored customers display in dashboard in less than 1 minute

Monthly Trends

You can see how your individuals and team progress over time


Compare your organization to others so you know where you stand

Real Customers

We inspect live results, mystery shoppers are too small of a sample and not as authentic

Improve Sales by Setting the Right Standards

If you suffer from inconsistent information gathered by your sales team, you aren’t alone. Many dealerships feel the pain of not having any standards for the sales team when it comes to communicating with customers while on sales calls or when following up with an Internet lead. Our team will have an unbiased call monitor so that your report is a reliable source of inforservices-coremation. The accountability option will help dealerships accomplish two main goals:

  1. Establish a baseline of criteria that your sales team can be held accountable for on all of their prospective calls. The scoring report highlights areas in need of improvement as well as your sales team’s strong points.
  2. Improve your sales team’s ability to gather the right information on every call. Scoring and accountability is a great way to create a level of expectation across the sales team. By setting these goals, you have established a standard for them to reach.

To learn more about how Driven Data’s accountability can benefit your sales team’s performance, schedule a demo with our team.

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