Mark Zukerberg: “We started making changes in this direction last year, but it will take months for this new focus to make its way through all our products. The first changes you’ll see will be in News Feed, where you can expect to see more from your friends, family and groups. As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public

Our team is proud to announce 3 new major enhancements to close out 2017.  This year we listened your feedback to improve a few specific areas.  We also doubled the performance of our Microsoft cloud-based servers on Thursday 12/14 to increase the speed. Engagement: By design any dashboard is a passive system, it requires the management team to inspect for issues and review regularly.  We saw an opportunity to accompany

If you have worked with GM over the last 8 years you are probably aware of the Disney Institute and the initiative to encourage all dealers and their management teams to participate in it.  Overall the Disney Institute is extremely valuable I feel opened dealerships eyes to building better guest experiences.  In most cases dealers and managers flew home with a list of ways to improve their organizations, and generally

Since 2014 per the July NADA mid-year update the average dealership: Has seen the number of employees go from 65-69, increasing payroll from 291k to 325k. Advertising expenses are up from 43k to 49k Floor plan credits are down from 9k to 4k (compared to ’16). All of this takes 44k from the bottom line. Of course, some of this was due to 2016 being better than 2017 for the

As technology advances, there are more and more metrics available for dealerships to track. Just look at the number of reports that you need to generate on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. You are pulling reports from your DMS, CRM, Inventory Management, Digital and Social technologies. These technologies support and depend on each other, but how can you acquire and organize the information you need to make

“These are all things that may help you justify your results. But is your dealer any happier because of this?” I just finished reading a powerful book titled “Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win” by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, two highly decorated Navy SEALs who led key operations in Iraq. The book is all about how to drive and sustain superior performance in the military and

There is a Technician Drought that has been plaguing the car industry for decades, pretty severely for the past 5 years or so. Finding and keeping excellent quality techs has been as elusive as a rainstorm in the middle of the desert. Like a real drought, this ailment causes the rationing of your most precious resources; the people who actually produce the work you charge your customers for! As a

As an auto dealer, you are always looking for any information that may have a direct impact on the success of your store. In the first Driven Data Science blog, we looked at the impact of weather and day of the week has on the service department. Now we are going to take those same inputs and apply them to how it affects new dealership leads. The weather data is

Every fixed operations department across north America thinks that weather has an impact on the number of completed repair orders (ROs) each day. Every fixed operations department across North America thinks that certain days of the week are slower (i.e., fewer completed ROs) than other days. Driven Data Science Team has uncovered some unexpected results. More than 100,000 service records from 2015 and 2016 were used to construct 12,000 data

At Driven Data we standardize and store data from each department in a dealership.  So regardless of the dealership providers we have 1 consistent data visualization experience.  We thought it would be cool to do some advanced analysis leveraging machine learning and publish the results right here on our blog One of the key decisions early on was to build an architecture that would respect the individual variations from providers,