Built For Groups

Flexible Store and User Hierarchy

We have unlimited levels of roll up that tailor fit your organization

Mulit-Vendor Compatibility

Even if your stores use different vendors we handle the standardization on our end

Permission Based Access

Users can be assigned to specific roles and locations to fit your culture

Lightning Fast Data Loading

Whether you have 2 or 200 stores the data is rendered and cached dynamically for each user

We get groups

From the very beginning Driven Data was designed with large complex groups in mind.  The data we collect from your software partners is securely stored in our Microsoft Azure data warehouses.  We carry all of the prerequisite insurance and automatically encrypt all personally identifiable data.  Groups need to experiment and run pilots with new software products without the concern of losing visibility to their reporting.  We have a wide array of integration partners and never say no to adding new ones.  As your group’s partners change we adapt to fit your ever changing data landscape.

Reporting challenges for individual stores are hard enough and each store you add exponentially increases the complexity of managing all of the data and the variances from store to store.  We have worked this problem since 2013 and understand how to give you the decision ready solution you need to keep your organization on track.

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