Dealership Diagnostics Engine

Automatic Alerts

If you exceed a threshold it sends an email to your team with what happened

Auto Troubleshooting

It provides you clear path to resolve the concern and get your process back on track

Custom Tuning

We allow custom thresholds for each metric depending on how aggressive your targets are.

Monitor Everything

Engine is monitoring everything from Web, CRM, Inventory, DMS, SEM…every data-point

Engineering your dealership’s performance

Our engine monitors metrics from the following categories: sales, service, inventory, website, digital marketing, leads and appointments.

We compare your current months performance to the last month and the same month previous year.  We also compare you to every dealership on the Driven Data platform.  If a value falls out of the threshold you receive an alert.  You can also view your everything at a glance to quickly compare yourself to MOM, YOY and the best of the best.

To build this engine we started by classifying the metrics and organizing them from tier 1 to tier 7.  Two examples of a tier 1 metric are Closing Rate or New Units sold.  We consider these the post-mortem metrics that are the effect of several processes a dealership has upstream.  Tier 2 metrics include closing rate by lead type or salesperson.  These can further be broken down into smaller and smaller groups.  By isolating the specific problematic areas that impact the post mortem metrics we can provide you a clear path to resolve the concern and get your process back on track.

This is engineering dealership performance and it’s not always bad news either. We also do the opposite when we detect a value performing above the previous year or month.  We send an alert notifying you of your progress

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