Facebook Custom Audiences

Predictive Modeling

We use machine learning to predict who is in market or ready for service

Refreshes Daily

No need to manage your audiences, we update them automatically

Save Money

This is easily one of the most affordable ways to target your database

Database Match Back

See exactly how many people purchased from each audience.  Can your digital do that?

The 1st Automated Solution for Sales, Service and CRM

Driven Data dealerships can now automatically push their sales, service and CRM customer data directly into Facebook custom audiences. We are the first company that offers this service across all data types, giving you and your team a distinctive advantage. We combine your customer data with the power of our machine learning platform to identify customers that are close to purchasing a vehicle or ready for service. This way your customers get the right message at the right time.


  • Each audience updates daily so they are always fresh
  • Custom Audiences can be used by you, your agency or digital marketing partner
  • Costs of targeting your customers in FB Custom Audiences are way lower than other channels
    • 4.00-6.00 CPC for AdWords
    • .70-1.00 for Direct Mail
    • .10-.35 CPC for Driven Data Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Increased ad engagement from our predictions and using your customers
  • We track all your results, we know who you targeted and who sold, so you know it’s working

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