Accurate Predictions

Each month we track our results and improve our model.  Forecast accuracy in 2017 is within 2.5% overall.

Advanced Correlations

We find the relationships between leads, staffing and pre-sales marketing indicators with your sales

Honest Approach

Our model has no agenda, sugar coating or padding, just logic.  Avoid those pitfalls with trustworthy data

Know Your Future Sales Now

One of our more popular add-ons is our forecasting dashboard. We all wish we could see into the future and know exactly what to expect in sales for the next month. Driven Data has developed a solution that blends many variables like seasonality, weighted trends, digital behaviors and other factors that accurately forecast how your dealership will perform in the near future. We take the guesswork out of manual forecasting and serve you accurate data at the click of a button.


  • Smarter decisions now that make a positive impact on the future
  • Comprehend impactful metrics and adjust to meet goals
  • Rely on accurate data and not a gut feeling

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