Every DMS

We are CDK certified and a DealerVault/Authenticom partner allowing us to integrate with nearly every DMS

Job Level Detail

Most tools just rely on summary data.  We sync at the job level for accurate reporting

Tech Performance

Tracking for productivity, hours by each pay type, GP% its all here with custom targets

Advisor Performance

Every metric you need, tracking for ELR, hours per RO with comparisons and goals

The Most Informative Service and Technician Data in One Dashboard

Reporting for services has typically been a long, arduous process. Pulling reports from multiple sources and manually compiling this information into one report takes several hours for any dealership. Driven Data has created a dashboard with the help of some of the best service consultants in the auto industry. It’s the only dashboard a service manager will ever need and it won’t require dozens of hours to create it.


  • Driven Data is a DealerVault premier vendor, giving us access to many DMS providers
  • We provide data at the job detail level, giving you insight on every job action taken rather than relying on a summary level report
  • Track technician performance utilizes GP% (Gross Profit Percentage)
  • Every metric is accounted for ELR (Effective Labor Rate) on every RO (Repair Order) with comparisons and goals
  • Data is accurate on a daily basis rather than waiting until the month’s end to compile the information

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