Jon Berna

Founder and CEO

Jon leads Driven Data’s vision, strategy, and growth, providing dealerships an analytics platform that serves as a long-term strategic asset.  He has a diverse background in leading teams working in the US Navy, online education as well as both single store and large automotive groups.  He decided to start Driven Data in the summer of 2013 by first working directly with dealerships all over the country on sales, marketing and process improvement to define exactly what they wanted in an automotive specific BI platform.  Major development started in April of 2015 and everything has been at break-neck speed since then growing our team and product.

I am inspired by how focused everyone in our team is to our mission to empower dealerships with data.  Everyone on our team is as talented as they come, each new problem we are presented with brings out the best in each of us.  Jon resides in Indianapolis and is reinforced by his incredible wife Ashley and two sons.

Andy Hagerty

Partner and Head of Development

Responsible for the strategic design and architecture of Driven Data’s applications, data warehouse and cloud based infrastructure.  Andy is a full stack developer with over 15 years of software development and management in large scale environments.  He mentors our team members to support their projects and leads on new product development.  Andy decided to partner with Jon in April of 2015.

Steve Buesink

Operations Manager

While focusing on the successful execution of day-to-day operations and effective internal communication, Steven actively engages with integration partners to generate and strengthen Driven Data’s business relationships.  “Being part of a core group of selfless, hard-working individuals who directly impact the success and direction of our company is humbling and genuinely rewarding.”

People may catch a glimpse of Steven fly fishing in the creeks and rivers of central Indiana.

John Fairchild

Fixed Operations Coach / Dashboard Product Design

John leads Driven Data’s fixed operation dashboard product design and empowers dealerships to leverage data in new ways to improve their service and parts departments.  He has had a lifelong passion with cars and has been working in the Auto Parts and Repair Industry since 1980 at the age of 15.  John has held just about every position in a Dealership; from cleanup to General Manager with over 35 Years Automotive Fixed Operations Management and Consulting experience.

Fatemeh Hajizadeh


Fatemeh has experience in front-end development, back-end development, teaching, and leadership roles. She is passionate about learning new things and solving problems. In her leisure time, she loves to create crafts, solve puzzles, and spend time with her family.

“There are so many things I like about working for Driven Data. What I like the most is to contribute on building something great and solving puzzling problems”

Zijian He

Business Intelligence Quantitative Analyst

With a solid understanding of data ETL process and machine learning models, Zijian is eager to share his insights behind the data.

“I love the spirit of Driven Data that we provide one-and-done data integration solution for our clients while ensuring the data accuracy. It is exciting to inspire our clients to create better strategies to manage their dealerships. I’m glad to be a member of a team that helps others grow.”

Carlos Sousa

Account Manager

Carlos spent years with Cummins helping North America dealers improve their processes, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.  Outside of work, Carlos can be found riding his motorcycle with his wife, or striking out at the softball fields in beautiful Columbus, Indiana.

“I am unbelievably excited to be part of the Driven Data family. This is a highly capable team that truly cares about empowering clients and employees alike. I had never seen such passion and drive in a team. I am lucky to be a part of it!”

Dave Wells

Product Manager

A chameleon of sorts with experience in the engineering, digital arts, marketing, real estate development, and SaaS industries. Dave lives his life by having quality family time, coaching youth sports, and continuing to chase his dream to play in the NBA. Height is not on his side!

“Everyday I get to come to work and try to solve for one of the most annoying epidemics the workforce has. Efficiency! There is always a better solution or way to do your job.