Universal Benchmarks

Compare to the Best

See how you stack up against the top 10% of our dealerships

Refreshes Daily

Results are live view of the current month across all departments

Normalized to Match

We normalize each value to make them relative to your dealership

Over 30 Metrics

We are adding more each month so you know you’re on track

Are you among the best?

How you define progress is determined by what you compare yourself to.  Overwhelmingly the top dealerships compare themselves to 3 things: their historical data, their future targets and the top performers.  The first two we have covered for over a year and today we are proud to announce we can also show you how you compare to top performers.  Every integration partner we add to our platform goes through our data standardization process.  From early on we knew this would enable us to establish and visualize what we call Universal Benchmarks.

To kick this off we started with 30 metrics and show you how you compare to the top 10% of Driven Data dealerships.  We normalized each value so any store can match up to either smaller and larger ones.

We took the top 6 dealerships metrics and established a dealership rating for each store relative to all the stores we measure on a scale of 0 to 100.  For groups that rating scale can be confined to your group as well as all Driven Data dealerships.

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